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We believe every Black mother and child has the right to survive and thrive

​Currently there is a growing amount of national attention and support
around the issues of African American/Black infant and maternal mortality. There have been several projects released exploring the issue of racism and bias in maternal health care. While these films provide a thoughtful
presentation of the devastating consequences of racism in maternal care, there is important information missing. For that reason, several conversations amongst a small group of Black women sparked a decision to move forward with creating a documentary highlighting the history, causes, and solutions to Black
maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in California with a specific focus on neighborhoods and communities highly impacted by this issue.

The goals of this film are to:

  1. Present the historical and statistical facts of the issue.

  2. Elevate the voice of local black families that have either in the present or the past dealt with this issue.

  3. Increase awareness of community resources and supports for black women and families.

  4. Illustrate the resilience of black families and instill hope.  

  5. Highlight federal, state and local policy efforts.

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